Architectural Technology and Construction Management

The bachelor programme in Architectural Technology and Construction Management

is a 3½-year full-time programme taught in 6247813128mZI7.pngEnglish.The study has a very wide technical basis that includes both architectura and engineering disciplines, but which still establishes its own identity.The trade mark of the study is that the students can combine knowledge from the whole constructing spectrum and in that way can solve a long list of assignaments and challanges  in the constructing industry .The Bachelorof Architectural Technology and Construction Management is often called “the generalist”,and in the trade, the ability to communicate and collaborate with differentparts in an extremely productive way,is emphasized.The typical functional areas for the Bachelors of Architectural Technology and Construction Management are in design, project management and construction
management.The Education Departmental Order of the study is the following:

"... to qualify the students in the ability to plan,  manage and maintain technical and administrative work with design and implementation of construction and civil engineering projects in an independent manner.."

Included as an adition to this a series of sub-clauses  with key words such as technical design,planning , management  and communication. When we present the education to the outsideworld and want to explain the ATCM`s area of competences we use the "Mickey Mouse" figure  ,which illustrates the ATCM`s profile within the various knowledge areas of con6247813128mZI7.pngstruction.





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